Please, you’re killing me…

closed: adjective
  • (of a business) having ceased trading, especially for a short period.
    “he put the “Closed” sign up on the door”
shut: verb
  • make or become unavailable for business or service, either permanently or until due to be open again; close.
    “we shut the shop for lunch”
There’s no such thing as a “shut” sign.

First Post

dscn0269Wow, what do I say for my first post?

It’s important – it’s a first impression – and you only have one shot at a first impression.

So here I am blabbing about instead of saying anything that will make you want to keep reading.

Who is High Desert Darlin’?

You will definitely have to read more to figure out the answer to that one – I’m not about to give it away.

I’ll give you a few tidbits:


Mother of three teenage boys – Bobby, Peter and Greg.

I paint my fingernails.

Almost 50.

I live in a really small town in the really rural west – Mayberry is rockin’ in comparison.

Lake Woebegone’s got nothing on us.

I chose to live here because Here has mountains, rivers, and the desert.

I am a bleeding hearted liberal who sometimes shoots things just for fun.

If I didn’t write, my brain would shrivel up and die.

And I have great legs.

So let’s start here.  This is not my first rodeo. I have had a blog before. My name was on it. It got me in trouble. I shut it down.  The problem is, that I can’t stand not writing, so it has been torturous lately.

The reason I shut it down was because there was an attempt to censor me – a person who shall remain unnamed (but thank god I am rid of him) felt that he had the right to tell me what I could and couldn’t discuss. Each post was subject to his approval or disapproval.

Fuck that.

So I went into hiding for a while and now I am emerging, not new, but definitely improved and ready for a fresh identity.

So High Desert Darlin’ has been born.