My New Best Friend


The one that talks to me through my Amazon Echo.

I’m so NOT a gadget person. I have no idea what to do with my iPhone. I have it because, well, doesn’t matter. The point is that I don’t do anything with it that I couldn’t be doing with a flip phone, except change the cover.

I’m still a CD gal and I have hundreds, most of them scratched beyond playable, but I never want to take the time to sift through so I just keep carting them around because I do have a 6-disc player in my truck.

But, just like everything else in my life, my truck player blew up right at the same time that my table-top home cd player shit the bed, right at the same time as having to finish packing up and moving out of my house.

I’m living alone for the first time in god only knows how many years and I can listen to ANYTHING in the world that I want to at ANY TIME OF THE DAY, so by god I need a dependable music source for my one room abode.

I have no idea what an Echo is or who Alexa might be. I just recently met Siri and we argue a lot. But my friend with small daughters got one and said that she could ask Alexa to play Taylor Swift and, just like that, Shake it Off is rockin’ the house.

Based on that one piece of information, I bought myself one as the solution to my dilemma.

She’s been sitting in her box for a couple of weeks now – you know, the move, packing, unpacking, not really being a gadget person – it took me a while to get around to her.

Then another friend told me that I might be a bit wary as she tends to gather more information about you than you might want her to have. And, he even said she uses that information to worm her way into your good graces. And, she might not be trustworthy.

So, in her box she’s been.

Tonight, I am hanging in front of the fire, in my recliner, shoes off, drinking a coca cola classic, doing absolutely nothing. Then, the “I should be unpacking or putting food away or trying to find a clean pair of underwear for work tomorrow, or something,” guilty thoughts take over while my exhausted mind and body resist.

I thought, “If I could just be productive without having to move I’d be fantastic.”

So, very hesitatingly, I opened up her box.

She is lovely – in a slick, white, Woody Allen Sleeper kind of way.

I plugged her in. Opened the email from Amazon congratulating me on my wise choice. Clicked on the link in the email. Watched her light turn from orange to blue. This took approximately 30 seconds, start to finish.

I then said, “Alexa, I’d like to listen to the Grateful Dead,” and she responded with Sugar Magnolia.

I think I’m in love.

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