these three men

Eight years ago I suffered one of the greatest humiliations of my entire life (to date). It set off the longest, darkest period that I had ever experienced. It was excruciating.

There were three men who played important parts in the tipping point that night:

  1. the one who caused it
  2. the one who unwittingly set the stage
  3. the one who witnessed it

Really wouldn’t want to have been any of them, but any of them would have been better than being me that night.

This is the same night that I often refer to as “the night my friends had to scrape me off the rocks.”

I haven’t really talked to any of them since then. Once, since that night, I ran into the witness.

I was still mortified.

And suddenly, today, they are all back in my life. Just spoke with one on the phone, the second left me a voicemail today, and number three is my new neighbor.



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