What to wear

I have a wedding to go to in 2 days. I want to wear my red cowboy boots:imgres

But I don’t want to be this gal:

Cow? Horse? Hunh?

Cow? Horse? Hunh?

Or this one:



I want to be her:

ultimate cool

ultimate cool


But, here was a conversation that took place, just today:

“What are you wearing to the wedding?”

“I don’t know, seems like every wedding I go to, the standard uniform for the gals is dress, cowboy boots, jean jacket.”

Well, shitdamn, I don’t want to be wearing some “We think we are such cute western girls, even though we’re from Connecticut and have never stepped in actual cow shit,” uniform.

Because, I’m not that girl. Can’t be.

I’m from New Jersey.

And I am just as cool as my girl, Emmylou.

In my head.

I bought this gorgeous dress a while back, thinking it would be perfect for the wedding and it’s green which MCB really likes which makes it even more perfect. I started thinking about what I could wear on my feet that would accommodate all of the needs of the event: standing, dancing, walking on grass, all, for hours on end.

I’ll just throw on my boots – easy. Don’t need to give it another thought.

But now I do because the cliché has been noted; using an out-loud voice.

If I wear the boots and the dress, even without a jean jacket since I don’t own one, I will a) be that gal, just like every other gal there, and b) doing so with everyone knowing that I am fully aware of being the wannabe cowgirl who grew up listening to Bruce Springsteen and Tom Waits, not Ricky Skaggs and Patty Loveless.

So, maybe I could go with these:


Or these:images-3

I am from Jersey after all.

Or, since I am an “Outdoorsy” type, perhaps these will be better:



Or my inner athlete could go here:



I have 45 hours to decide.

I refuse to buy anything new.

And I am convinced that whatever I chose to wear, it will steal the spotlight from the bride and in the years to come, people will look back and relive the moment they saw my ill-shoed feet instead of her Vera Wang gown.







Talking about Sex with Teens

I have no problem bringing up the subject with my sweet (and sexually active) boys. Of course, I wish that at their tender ages, they weren’t sexually active, but I have the choice to pretend they aren’t because I don’t want them to be OR to suck it up and deal with reality and then make everyone completely uncomfortable by raising the topic at the dinner table.

The themes vary – I wouldn’t want anyone to get bored with the same lecture every time.

My rotation includes (not necessarily in this order):


Condom use

Teen pregnancy

Getting a girl pregnant when you live in a very religious community and how any ensuing choices might not be yours

Getting out of this teeny town and that not happening if your girlfriend is pregnant

Respect for girls

Drinking and Sex

No means No

Love and Sex

Do not brag

And so on…

They roll their eyes, they tell me that they have a lot of testosterone, they assure me that they would never pressure a girl, and they repeat after me “I will go to college and not be a father at 17 working at the local pizza parlor.”

Then I was talking to one of their friends yesterday her father’s one lecture was:

“If you come home bred up I’ll beat that baby right on out of you.”

And….there’s always that approach.


How it is in my town

“How’s that new baby doing?”barrels07

“He’s so great.  Almost 3 weeks now.”

“And how’s mama?”

“Great. Got back to barrel racing last weekend.”

Hot dang, makes my uterus hurt.