Hair Powder

This morning as I turned my head upside down to sprinkle in the baby powder, the smell triggered sweet memories.

Memories of not bathing.

And I realized that I have gone from being a regular powder user to an infrequent one.

What’s changed, you might ask.

Having running water may be a part of it, but more importantly, I have a shower that guarantees a delightful experience every time I use it.

2 heads,

great pressure,

killer view of the trailer park across the highway (okay, maybe not “scenic” but at least it’s fascinating),


shelf for my coffee mug,

seat for my ass,

vast amounts of hot water.

So I shower more often, which, although new, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

It’s the little things.

Sometimes I can’t believe them…

They (boys) needed shampoo so when I went  to the grocery store the other night I bought the biggest bottle I could find. I also picked up some toothpaste for them.

Came home and unpacked. Toothpaste and shampoo were placed, along with some wayward socks, on the end of the kitchen table closest to their bathroom – a range of, maybe, six feet.

Two days later, the toothpaste box is empty but not in the trash, the socks lead a trail to their bedrooms and the pump is open on the shampoo bottle.

Are they actually coming out of the bathroom to get a squirt of shampoo then returning to lather, rinse, and repeat?